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Like many who reside in Small towns in Alaska, I have worn a multitude of hats in my past. I have logged, commercially fished, taught physics, and taught outward bound. I've climbed to the top of Mt McKinkey, and travelled ‘to the southern tip of South America. I have been on the Ketchikan planning commission, the Ketchikan Borough Assembly, and on the boards of several nonprofits. I moved to Ketchikan in 1980 and worked with the State of Alaska’s energy conservation program. I inspected over 200 houses in Ketchikan and inspected every public housing project from Ketchikan to Kodiak. This was a quick class in what works and what doesn't work in our maritime climate. I bring those lessons and more to every project we undertake.

While the lure of the wild brought me to Ketchikan, my bread and butter has been commercial fishing and construction. I have had the good fortune to work with many excellent trades people, and have built a reputation for quality work. If you have a job you'd like to discuss, feel free to call me personally.

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